How To Stop a Barking Dog

Loud, irritating, squealing screeching wailing dog barking is probably close to number one on your tenants’ most frequent complaint list.

Loud, irritating, squealing screeching wailing dog barking is probably close to number one on your most frequent complaint list.

Instead of claiming defeat to a skinny, brown-eyed polka dotted pooch or a tiny nine pound Jack Russell, you can beat such crafty canines and their owners at their own game fast without starting a neighborhood war.

Here’s a powerful technique that works for us. Go to the owner and calmly state your case.

“Bonnie, Clark, is little Sparky okay?”

“Yeah, he seems to be. Why?”

“I keep hearing him barking and I don’t know, I think something’s wrong.”

“What do ya mean?”

“He barks every night from 10:30 to 11:30 and we’re kind of concerned. There must be something scaring him.”

Bonnie and Clark glance at each other. “We put him out while we watch Seinfeld and Friends. Then we bring him in and we all go to bed. That’s what we do every night,” Bonnie says.

“Yeah, but Sparky seems to be terrified to be out there all alone and you know, Lisa, down the street at #2904 saw a coyote in her yard the other morning, real early. Her dog was chasing it but he’s a huge German Shepherd.”

You watch alarm spread over Bonnie’s eyes.

“Wwhat? A coyote!”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about ’cause Lisa lives on the other side of the street and besides, she has a pool and we believe the coyote was probably there because he was thirsty, not hungry.”

Bonnie turns to Clark and gives him a look of disapproval. “Clark, don’t you ever leave that helpless dog outside alone again. I told you all along I didn’t think it was a good idea.”

Everyone knows Good Relationships 101 is an art form. The key is to convince such dog owners they need to keep loudmouthed dogs indoors while you or your tenants can get some much needed sleep. Yelling at dog owners or threatening them simply isn’t as effective as empathy. Sparky’s well-being is, of course, top priority with you.

Does this method really work?

We coached one of our tenants and he tried the technique. Not only was dog owner scared, but she will only let her dog out for very short, well supervised lawn visits. Had our tenant fussed and complained her dog would probably still be barking loudly right underneath his bedroom window.

Next time your complain about an exasperating dog teach them this technique. That way you won’t have to take care of it yourself. And why should you? You’ve got more important things to do , like buying more income producing properties that can support you in your old age.

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