Flip This House Review


This is the second of my real estate     reality show reviews. Today, we’ll cover .


This is the most dramatic of the  reality  real estate genre with such episodes as "We Don’t Need Stinkin’ Permits". You kind of know exactly where you’re being lead especially when veteran Atlanta Flipper Sam Leccima says " I’m a real estate anthropologist; houses are wildlife to me."


Okay…. How could it possibly be boring, right?


Then there’s "Trouble Down Below" which sounds more like a WWII submarine epic and honest, I’m not kidding, "Attack of the Garden Gnomes. But "Haunted House" is even more tantilizing since its featured rehab is located in Georgetown, South Carolina; reputed to be one of the most haunted places in North America. Maybe that’s the reason they had so much trouble getting good help.


But apparently an apartment dwelling audience is lapping it up. One viewer wrote in saying [tag-tec] rehabbing [/tag-tec] is cool. But he also wondered just exactly how you do raise 30K? Perhaps by watching the episode, "What the Heck, Write a Check" would have cleared up that question.


But maybe Flip This House should really be called Hide This House. Ever wonder what happens after the cameras leave?


We found out from a viewer who recently wrote about a featured manse that supposedly sold for a $500K profit. As the viewer and her husband were driving in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina, they suddenly spotted the large two story gray and almost had a wreck doing a U-turn. What? It’s still for sale?


Big Guy RatMy all time fav episode has to be " It’s a Rat Race" . Here we’ve got the creatures behind the wall problem but hey, with some professional athletic help like Ryan Langerhans of the Atlanta Braves and Doug Davis of the Milwaukee Brewers those bad dude critters don’t have a chance. Of course, I reckon it also helps to coax them out with the best background music as provided by the Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Those rats might as well get culturalized while they’re being evicted.


As another Alice said many years ago, "It gets curiouser and curiouser."

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