Are you in your own way when it comes to investing?

Sometimes the biggest [tag-tec realestate ]obstacle[/tag-tec] is ourselves. That’s can be more enormous than the lack of money, time and opportunities combined. Why is that?

Sometimes the biggest [tag-tec realestate ]obstacle[/tag-tec] is ourselves.   That can be more enormous than the lack of money, time and opportunities combined.  Why is that?

We can make excuses to ourselves.  We can tell ourselves we can’t.  What that really means is we won’t. We won’t do what we must do to be a successful investor because we can’t picture ourselves as investors.  Or we may believe it is too hard for us although others are  being successful at it everyday. 

So why can’t we break through to make it happen?worldinyourhands

We try to make it much more complicated than it actually is.  It’s as simple as making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones.  How’s that, you may ask?

First, we need to network.   The local real estate club in Nashville eats dinner together once a month.  But it isn’t some sit down occasion where you have to feel self conscious, like the new kid in school.   Everybody eats turkey or pork barbecue and chooses a speaker to listen to while eating.  There may be as many as four or five speakers to choose from.   It’s ripe for doing lots of business. 

Next, we need to give ourselves the time to get comfortable with the powerful knowledge of how to  leverage money.  How to do that?  Read.  That’s right, go find some books about how others have done it.  I’m not talking about  so called [tag-ice]gurus[/tag-ice] who sell you a lot of fluff.  I’m talking real substance.  Meat. 

Read the classics.  What is the recommended list?  Again, ask successful [tag-cat]investors [/tag-cat]who and what they read.    

Where can you find successful investors?  [tag-cat]Real estate clubs[/tag-cat].  Online forums. 

Make new  friends of today’s  investors.  Stick with the "old friends" in print who still  have a tremendous amount of successful knowledge to share.   Learn and do.  Then  build your bank accounts. 


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