10 Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

10 simple tips for preventing your pipes from freezing which can save you a huge amount of money and prevent a disaster.

1. Insulate pipes in your basement, crawlspace and  attic.  Use tape or flexible molded pipe sleeves and  make sure you wrap all  the exposed pipe.    

2. Seal all leaks with rigid foam [tag-ice]insulation[/tag-ice]  near openings where pipes are located. 

tree in winter

3. Caulk and seal around doors and windows.

4. Open cabinet doors underneath kitchen sink and in bathrooms to circulate more warm air near  pipe openings. 

5. Never allow your indoor temperature to be colder than 55 F.

6. Teach your tenants where to shut off the water inside and out just in case there is an emergency. 

7. Tell your [tag-cat]tenants[/tag-cat] to keep the heat on even if they will be away for days.  This is especially important as many people will go  on vacation during the holidays. 

8.  Check the [tag-cat]furnace[/tag-cat] and see that it is in good shape.  Pay particular attention to the pilot light and thermostat.

9. Disconnect all hosepipes to outdoor faucets. 

10.  Allow a trickle of water to drip from all faucets, inside and out.