Warning:Peel and Stick Wallpaper is Dangerous to your Walls

Here’s a trend tag-cat]landlords[/tag-cat] had better stay ahead of.

Decal decorating. Put the anti-decal clause in your leases right away.


beautiful woman painting wall


Here’s a trend [tag-cat]landlords[/tag-cat] had  better stay ahead of. 


Decal decorating.   Put the anti-decal clause in your leases right away.


Why the urgency?


It’s a do-it-yourself , “my thing look” for $100.  That only means one thing.  Your [tag-ice]tenants[/tag-ice] will be doing it. 


If giant orange spheres growing out of  a living room corner or  larger than life purple and pink flowers strewn thereabouts are not your idea of  attractiveness, chances are  the general public won’t like them either.  This alone could stop  a rental cold in its tracks.  


And there’s more bad news. 


“Decals come  with little stickers that let you stick them temporarily onto a surface and see about placement before applying them,” says Carmen Ryan Butner, owner of Wallpaper and Window Designs in Franklin, Tennessee.  “It’s really a fun do-it-yourself project.”


Uh oh.   If you have only managed one property in your lifetime you know  that’s a very ominous sign.


Butner continues.  “You’re going to have trouble getting stationary decals off if you don’t use a primer.  It will ruin your wall when you peel if off otherwise.”


Also any imperfections in the wall will show through according to Wallpaper Superstore associate Sandra Harris. 


Do you honestly believe your [tag-tec]tenants[/tag-tec] will take the time to read the directions?  Use primer?  50% of them probably don’t even know what primers are.  What’s more, they don’t care. 


While you’re at it,  also include the giant room-sized paint –by-numbers wallpaper in your ban.  You know the kind that comes with little paint pots and markers or paint pens? That’s an accident waiting to happen.


But not on your watch.