Buy House, Get Gun

Here’s an interesting news item just in:

A Texas real estate agent is giving away free [tag-tec real estate] guns[/tag-tec] as an incentive to buyers.


Here’s an interesting news item just in:pink haired woman with gun


A Texas real estate agent  is giving away  free [tag-tec real estate] guns[/tag-tec] as an incentive to buyers.


I know  we’ve been talking about getting creative in slower markets, but perhaps this is a little over the top.  Or is it?


Of course, the agent, Julie Upton, is only making this offer to police officers.  Gift gun of choice?  A Glock pistol, whatever that is.  Retail value. $500.


“We thought it would be a good way to entice other police officers,” Upton says.  “And whether people want the gun or not, it has stirred up a lot of attention.”


Hmm.  Maybe she’s got something there.


This goes back to an old retailing lesson I learned at age seven.


It was 1963, and my parents’ drugstore needed  some  excitement  so they had contests every Friday night to drum up business. My Dad had one very bad record of band music that he played over and over because he wouldn’t spend the money  to invest in something more interesting.    


But he really didn’t have to.    The concept quickly  took off. And it became a big source of entertainment for future customers.   Word quickly spread to the point that people were actually bringing their dates.


Pretty soon my parents  ran out of prizes so my mother, in desperation, gathered up anything she could find to give away.   That’s why I was puzzled when she started wrapping up baby  diaper pins.


“Who wants that?”


“Doesn’t matter what you give away,” she told me.  “We’ve already  got the momentum.  All we have to do now  is keep it going.”


Maybe it all comes down to something supposedly  stupid  next time you’re faced with a house or a rental that simply won’t move.   Give your  clients,  customers or  perspective [tag-ice]tenants[/tag-ice]  something to talk about.  Then make the sales. 



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