Insider Tips for Tenant Gift Giving


Now that Christmas is here the annual question of gifting tenants comes up.  Should we give our tenants some sort of gift to show our appreciation?  Should we make a point  to saying “thank you” to them for doing what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place?  Why the rewards?


And what about your bad tenants?  Can discrimination be a problem here?  Christmas Ornament


Here are some insider tips from landlords across the country that actually work. 


1. Have “good tenant” criteria written down.


A good tenant pays on time, is cooperative and doesn’t drive you crazy.  Whatever your definition is get it on paper.  That way if you’re ever questioned, you’ve got it.   No one will be able to accuse you of playing favorites.


2. Give gift certificates.

This works for everybody.  It’s easy.  No sweat.  Sonic, Walmart, McDonalds… Take your pick.  Tenants love these.


3. Be really creative  and give something for the rental.

You can kill two birds with one stone here.  Give your tenants something that will stay when they leave.  Shower caddies are good.  Some landlords give gift [tag-tec tenants ]plungers[/tag-tec]. (Don’t laugh, we all know the reasoning behind that).   


This way you’ve improved your [tag-ice landlord ]unit[/tag-ice] with a little something extra that will be there for the next tenant. 


Why go to all the trouble?  It pays off handsomely.  Building up likable loyalty will always be in your favor no matter who you’re dealing with. 


Bonus Tip

Test the merchandise out yourself before giving.  Make sure that cheese assortment, popcorn, etc., is consistently fresh, and not stale.    



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