How to Find the Best Deals


How do you find the best real estate deals?1936 chevy


The same way you uncover them with anything else.  You turn over a lot of rocks.  Sooner or later you’re going to hit paydirt.  And it will happen just as you’re getting the most discouraged and disheartened.


This lesson hit me where I live this past week.  As many of you already know I’ve been looking for a car for a long time.  Eleven months to be exact.   I have seen just about every car available in America from Japanese to German to American.  I came close to buying a Cadillac, Infinity, and a  pre-owned Lexus at certain times.  I’m so glad I didn’t.


And it wasn’t easy.  I got thrown out of one dealership when I made the sales manager mad because I wouldn’t pay the doc fee.  Another snooty fox dealer took one look at me in an older mini van and wouldn’t talk to me.  His cars were actually locked in the showroom.  Those are the mild examples…


In the end, I got the very best deal, very best car for the value and I came in just under $21,000, including tax and license.  As I was driving it home yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself  quickly bonding with this little beauty. I love it. 


What did I get?  A Chevrolet.  That’s right, and it’s a 2007.


During my car study, I spent a lot of time analyzing trends.  You should do the same for real estate.  That’s where the money and the deals really  are. 


I saw that only a few cars  on the market today are  really ahead of the trend.  The Chevrolet HHR is one of them.  Some of the  others are the FX35 and Honda CRV.  But where can you get Satellite  radio,  Onstar, leather seats and the complete  chrome package  for less than   $20,000 without the mileage?  (Okay, I got a demonstrator with  4,000 miles but who’s counting)?  Did I mention the 100,000 mile/ 5 year warranty? 


They took  the front from a ’49 Suburban and added the back of a Corvette for a  special cute yute.  And I love the way the little thing drives.  It’s peppy and goes over [tag-ice GM]road[/tag-ice] bumps very  well.  But mostly, it’s fun.  I like turning heads at red lights.


So what’s my point? 


Actually, I have several points. 


1. Do your research

2. Don’t get emotional

3. Stick to the budget

4. Go back and take fresh looks (like I did when I  gave GM a second chance)

5. Don’t give up. 


How does all this really relate to real estate? 


The same [tag-tec HHR ]principles[/tag-tec] apply.  In fact, they apply to everything you invest in or buy.  It takes patience and persistence.  That’s really more important than talent.  In fact, as I  get older, I know talent is a small factor. 


So next time you don’t  think you can  do it, think HHR.


High Habit Return


High- Think Success

Habit- Get in the right mode for at least 30 days

Return- Reap  the  right results



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