Trends for 2007

Let’s talk some more about trends. 

A Country Road

I used to think only extremely smart people could predict them.  That’s just wrong.  I think anyone can see general directions fashion, business and the country are going in. All it really takes is a conscious effort to observe.    



You can do this by reading online and offline.   Blogs are invaluable because many times they’re uncensored. You get info straight from the hip  without the middleman editor.


However, one of the best info centers of all  is the magazine section at your local bookstore.  A lot of times you don’t even have to read the mags, just glance over their covers.  Their headlines can tell you tons.   


So what are the trends [tag-tec trends ]for[/tag-tec] 2007? 


As we mentioned yesterday, cars are getting smaller and smarter.  That’s a no-brainer.  Want to know more?  Look at concept cars.


Fashion  will  continue in the extremely ugly 70’s retro style, or non-style, for another year or so.  That’s surprises me.  I thought that was on the way out.  But as soon as fashion designers come to the conclusion we’ve bought about all of that fluff we can stand, they’ll suddenly change direction.  So we’ll buy more new stuff.  That’s the way it’s always been. 


The Economy; inflation [tag-ice inflation ]will [/tag-ice] be the buzzword.  I think we’ll finally be hearing the truth about inflation, and it’s about time.  How long can you keep a skeleton like that in the closet? 


Which brings us to  real estate.  What does all of this mean for  our investments?


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has stated inflation is “uncomfortably high.” 

Some economists disagree.  They think he’s overreacting. 


If he’s right, that means real estate is even more valuable as a hard asset.  If he’s wrong, he’ll probably lower interest rates a tad later on in the year.  Either way we are in a good position to play our hands well. 


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