Four Ways to Get Your Property Taxes Reduced

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You can do more about  your property taxes than you think.  Don’t give up next time you think your property has been appraised too high.  Here is how the experts protest successfully.


1. Get the facts

Compare your property to the neighbors’ properties.  Hire a professional appraiser to do a [tag-ice taxes ]rundown[/tag-ice] of your property.  You can get a lot of [tag-tec appraiser]useful[/tag-tec] information that can go a long way to helping you win your case.


2. Look for Mistakes in your record

County assessors may be in a big hurry when they examine your records.  That means they’ll miss a lot. They’ll make mistakes.  You can bet the Rolls those mistakes will be in their favor and not yours.  Ask to see the records.  Mistakes probably happen more readily than many people realize. 


3. Make an  Appeal to your county’s Board of Equalization

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row it’s time to go to “court”.  This works very similarly to the legal system.  If you have the facts and can make a strong case, you’ve got a good chance of winning it.


Another tip is to hire a professional property tax representative who is registered with the State Board of Equalization.   He can  carry a lot of weight with the Board. 


The Board of Equalization meets in Davidson county every June. Check your own area to see when your board meets, but it will probably be early summer.


(Where to find the agents?  is where to look if you are in Tennessee.  For other states go online and look up your comptroller).   


4. Bonus- Appeal the Board’s Decision

Unhappy with the decision?  You can appeal in most areas.  Davidson County’s system is set up so that you can appeal before August 1, or within 45 days of the date you received notice from the Metro board. 


You can fight city hall.  A little homework and due diligence can  go far.  If more real estate investors and homeowners would take up the fight change  for the good could happen.   


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