New Cheap Easy Tool for Clogged Toliets

Clean TolietFinally, a clean easy  way to unclog toilets without the mess. 


Pressaire is a new tool that will save you  money and grief.  How many calls have you gotten because your careless tenants can’t flush the toilets? And yeah, these calls always come in at the worst times, right? 


What It Does:  Pressarie replaces clumsy plungers.  It uses the bellows effect to get air down the toilet easily and more effectively.  Water sloshing and getting your hands wet won’t happen because  [tag-tec tenants] pressaire[/tag-tec] fits over the toilet. 


How It Works:  Pressaire is made of [tag-ice toliet]vinyl [/tag-ice] with two spring hoops.  All you have to do is place it over the toilet bowl and push down. 


True to its name Pressaire pushes air down getting rid of clogs as the air is compressed.


Pressaire’s flexible vinyl even allows you to shape it according to any type of toilet, including the seats that are positioned near the edge of the toilet rim. 


See a Video:

This is a very good demonstration that explains everything you need to  know about it. 


Where to Get It:    -$19.95. 


My Quick Opinion:  Pressaire will take care of the small stuff.  Major clogs will still require a snake, of course.  But from our experience as landlords ( 18 ½ years for me, 49 ½ years for my Dad)  most of your toilet calls are for the little irritating  simple clogs anyway.  Any tool that saves you time and keeps you from having to go to the property is priceless, not to mention the savings of an $80 plumber call.

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