How Your House Can Earn Lots of Extra Income

Large Mansion



Here’s another income opportunity for your properties.  Your home can become a star.  And the payoff can be enormous.


We’ve always known this to be true.  After all, when Sunset Boulevard was filmed in 1951 the owner got a free pool.  That’s because the main character needed one to drown in.   


What’s changed nowadays is that homes across the country can get in on house casting calls too.  You don’t have to be located in California any more. 


Recent examples are Olivia Decker’s French chateau used for the DaVinci Code and the Beaufort, S.C. antebellum mansion which was the backdrop for both   Forces of Nature and  The Last Dance.  A North Hempstead, N.Y.  home with additional portable [tag-tec housing ]palm[/tag-tec] trees  was the house for Hollywood Endings and a debate still rages that the house was actually located in Beverly Hills.   


What’s the payoff?  How’s $1,000 to $15,000 per day?  Clean-ups are included  and sometimes home improvements complete with  redecorating are thrown in complimentary.  The local community gets bonus boom dollars as the film crews spend and neighbors can get hired out as extras.


Not to mention that some property owners like Matt Leffers  are getting very entrepreneurial.  His San Francisco Victorian was used for Just Like Heaven at a profit of $2500 per day.  Now he has the home signed up to be  the [tag-ice housing ]background[/tag-ice] for commercials with Pottery Barn, Smith & Hawken and Restoration Hardware.


His home’s acting skills have made virtually most of his mortgage payments for the last few years.  Will he end up getting his house completely paid for?  Maybe. 


How to get your property to the audition:


List your home with the local film commission. If you want help with  promoting it you can do deals with location agents.  They will get your property in front of the right eyeballs but you’ll have to give them a 10 percent to 30 percent cut. 


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