How Many More Lies Can We Take from Appliance Salesmen?

Antique Washing MachineWe buy a lot of appliances.  Yesterday we bought a new stove for #205 and a dishwasher for ourselves. 


Pardon me for letting off a little steam here.  But I’m tired of the slipshod ways we are often treated when we are  spending  money.


The appliances were bought at a leading retailer who promised they would be in yesterday afternoon.  We were supposed to go to that store and pick them up.  You would naturally assume pick-up meant that store, not the warehouse on the other side of town, right? 


Wrong.  How were we supposed to know that?


Here’s the problem as I see it.  It’s okay for [tag-tec]salesmen[/tag-tec] to make mistakes.  Like, sorry, I forgot to tell you sort of confession.  If they would just be honest about it.  In this instance we were purposely misled after a mistake was made.  The appliances had never arrived where they were supposed to. 


So my point is- next time you order anything big or small, from anywhere, get everything in writing.   Where and when the deliveries will be made is just as important as price since in our business time is money. 



Yes, that store has lost our business forever. I don’t think they  even care.  We’ve given them a lot of business over the years and  that relationship is  ending.  Only because I’m a lady and a quieter southern one at that, keeps me from publicly mentioning their name on this blog. 


Here’s something else to consider.  Now I get everything in writing. Including phone calls.   Everything is documented and logged.  That way people cannot use the excuse they didn’t get it.  I’ve got it-on paper. Try it.   It will make your life simpler in 2007. 


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