Need a Sale? Add a Tree

Fall TreeWe all laughed when a new restaurant opened up and they put trees on the roof.  It was kind of funny.  However, it did get our attention. 

Now the idea is not so outrageous for real estate. The latest innovation for city  condos is the tree lined roof.  This may be something  that will catch on big, if they can manage to keep the trees alive up there. 

In fact, some  luxury  condos  sales have really  taken off   fast after  [tag-tec]tree[/tag-tec] roofs  was installed.  Example: 101 Warren Street in the Tribeca section of New York. 

Out of  228 units, they sold 112 in the first eight weeks.  The trees cost $3 million, which, according to Forbes, is the price of the cheapest condo. 

Here’s another trend worth watching.  The greening of everything.  Ecology is here to stay.  Any developer or real estate investor who can improve a neighborhood by added something green may just win the public relations wars.  It certainly won’t hurt.


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