2007- The Year of Real Estate Action

Stack of Cash

I know I’m preaching  to the  choir. 


But just in case we need to convince our relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. why we invest in real estate here are two more very lucrative reasons.


1. Supply and Demand


Why are people risking  their lives to cross our borders illegally?  Does North Korea have to keep illegal immigrants out? 


Are there fewer people in America today than there were ten years ago?  Five years ago?


Has the birth rate fallen dramatically?


Are people living longer?  What about seniors?  What do older people want?


That brings me to the point that whatever happens politically these  folks will always need [tag-tec]housing[/tag-tec].  They’ve got  to live somewhere.  They will be buying houses and renting them.  Some will make enormous fortunes because that always happens to innovative eager newcomers, so more money will be flowing. Are we ready for the challenge of providing that housing?


2. Appreciation


We did cover this briefly yesterday, but it’s always a good idea to review this extra lion’s share bonus that comes with our properties. 


For the most part, real estate gets better, much better, with time.  That’s why those of us who are buy and hold investors – hold onto it. 


I’m always stumped by people who willing  admit most of their fortune is in the house they live in.  This is true for many in  all economic classes.  Why don’t they get it?


Why didn’t they take some of that money out  and re-invest in more real estate? 


Why hold all your golden eggs in one basket anyway?  Spreading your wealth around in real estate  is the smart thing to do.


All we have to do is look around us to see OPPORTUNITIES.


That’s why  we need to make 2007 the Year of Action.  Get out there and make something wealthy happen.


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