Do Real Estate Gurus Really Deserve a Good Beating?

The Sphinx

Okay,  attacking gurus seems to be a national past time for some real estate bloggers these days.  I’m not one of them.


Why?  Am I  in favor of some of the expensive courses being sold which are only rehashed basic material you can get at the library?


No, of course not. 


But I am in favor of anything, and I mean anything, that will give me an edge as a real estate  investor.  Sometimes the learning curve seems steep, especially when you’re new. If there’s something out there that breaks that curve down, or eliminates it, I’m for it.  And you can quote me on that.


Yes, there are some charlatans, snake oil salesmen, as we refer to them, and you should definitely steer clear of them.  Save your money. 


How do you know who is for real and who isn’t? 


Go into online forums and ask.  You will also receive a lot of good useful info on who helped whom get where they needed to get to –in a hurry. 


“In a hurry” is the key.  Do you really have the time to grab a little info from  here or there or do you want to lick that learning curve fast?  That’s a question only you can answer.


My reasoning about it all has always been that I’m an avid learner.  I soak up  information  like a sponge.  If I can get one good piece of information that will help me over a rough spot or explain something I’ve been stuck on- yes, I’ll pay for that. 


As we keep emphasizing time is money.  The good gurus can save you a ton of time.  One that I highly recommend, is[tag-tec]John Locke[/tag-tec].  He is well known for giving out his cell phone number to his students.  He’s for real and he’s extremely popular with those who have taken his courses.


So pick your gurus with care, but remember, some of them just might turn  out to be that missing link to your real estate fortune.    



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