Smoking Controversy Heats up for Rentals


Balancing CigaretteWe knew this was coming.  Non-smoking tenants are getting in the ring with the smokers.  Watch Seattle closely because that’s where a major battle over smoking vs. non-smoking in homes  is being fought.  If the non-smokers win, it may affect all our tenants nationwide.


Here’s what’s happening.  Non-smokers in Seattle  apartment buildings don’t want anyone to smoke around them.  They think cigarette [tag-tec]smoke[/tag-tec] carries into the ventilation  systems and into their apartments.  Smokers want to smoke in their own homes.  They don’t think the neighbors should be telling them what to do. 


How does it affect us?


Your non-smoking tenants will start demanding you give the boot to the smokers.  And smokers  are finding themselves being discriminated against more and more. In other words, if you have to take sides, you’ll have to go with the non-smokers. 


Is it fair?  Depends on who you talk to.  But we have a lot of smokers as tenants and they pay right on time. 


This issue is not going away.  2007 looks to be an explosive year for  Cigarette Wars.  



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