The Latest Real Estate Craze- the Man Cave

Elvis Wants YouThe latest craze is the [tag-tec]man cave[/tag-tec]. 


Smart real estate agents, like retailers,  are beginning to recognize this as a trend with selling potential.


Exactly, what is a man cave?


It’s a part of the house the guy can call his own.  He can hang out there, have his friends over, and have total (reasonable) decorating freedom . Garages have become the man cave location of choice with some man caves located in extra rooms above. 


Wives  love them because they know where their husbands are and what they are doing. Man caves are usually far enough away from the rest of house  so that the wives aren’t disturbed by the noise.


A man caver can now  have his own fraternity right at home.  Household rules are relaxed and he can watch ballgames or shoot some pool with his friends without  much outside female interference.


It’s a win-win for both sexes.


Some man cavers have learned how to join forces  to get discounts.  One group called the Man Cave in Franklin, TN, got its 28 members  together to buy irrigation systems from the same company.  Savings mounted up  to 30%. 


So what does all this have to do with real estate investing and rehabbing?


A need is being met.  The man of the house now has a place of his own where he can escape from the pressures of parenting and husbanding.  Provide that space, or rename any extra space and call it a man cave, and you may get enthusiastic reactions. 


Greg VanDette of Columbia, TN describes his  man cave  as a place  “where I don’t have to worry about answering any questions.”


Come to think of it, maybe it’s time for the some woman caves too. 



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