How to Sell Your House in 2007

Here’s the list for what’s in from expert real estate trend-spotter Mark Nash. Pay close attention. 2007 is proving to be very different from 2006.

Large Mansion

Here’s the list  for what’s in  from expert real estate trend-spotter Mark Nash.  Pay close attention.  2007 is proving to be very different from 2006.


What’s In


1.  Houses Priced Right

Soft sell gimmicks  will get them to the door, but free cars and vacations are old hat.  The 2007 buyer wants a deal and will not take the property “as is”.


2. Home Offices

Should be a reasonable size, bigger than 10-by-10 feet.  Since more and more people are working at home, two home offices are even better. 


3. Fancier Garages

Upscale is the idea.  Today’s buyers want refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, nicer flooring and pretty cabinets with quality storage systems. In other words, they want a garage that doesn’t look like a garage.


4. Man Caves

We covered this one in detail yesterday.  Both the man and the lady of the house want their own separate spaces where they can get away from the world and the rest of the household. 


5. Snoring Rooms

These are second bedrooms connected to the master suite.  An escape relief room for the non-snorer. 


6. Exercise Rooms

What was once the big deal for condos and apartments has now reached the home.  People want a place for  their own personal health club.  The more elaborate the shower the better.  Programmable waterfall showers are now catching one. 


7. Structured Wiring

Buyers need coaxial TV cable (RG-6), category 5E voice and data lines and distributed radio and remote camera security.  Today’s buyer is more sophisticated  and expects a [tag-tec]house[/tag-tec]  that meets  his technical needs.


We’ll cover what’s out for the next post. 



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