7 Dangerous Things That Could Mess Up Home Sales in 2007

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This is part of  real estate’s expert trend-spotter Mark Nash’s list on what home buyers do not want in 2007.


1. Tiny Bedrooms

Doll house size bedrooms are out.  Buyers want more square footage in the bedrooms even if that means there will be fewer bedrooms in a [tag-tec]house[/tag-tec].


2. Fancy Useless Bathroom Fixtures  

Those bowl-shaped  sinks  reek of expense but are very impractical.  Buyers want sinks they can actually fill up with water that don’t splash.  


3. Glass Kitchen  Cabinet Doors

These are the top cabinet doors that used to look upscale  in home decorating mags.  Buyers don’t like the fact that nothing can be hidden and the doors tend to fog up.  They also required more cleaning.


4.  Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

This look is now out because it’s too cold.  The surfaces of the refrigerators and dishwashers were harder to keep clean.  Buyers want a warmer, less industrial look.


5. Spiral Staircases

Almost everybody hates these.  They’re too hard to use, especially for seniors.  They are also unpopular with children.


6. Bamboo Floors and Hardwood  Laminate Floors

Bamboo isn’t strong enough to handle foot traffic and the laminate floors can not be easily sanded for stain removal.  


7. Too Many Open Houses

Familiarity breeds contempt especially when it comes to selling a house in 2007.  Space open houses out so that you can build up more demand for the property.   



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