The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn Home Improvement


Too busy for  do-it-yourself shows, videos and books?  Want to skip the Home Depot classes?  Toliet

How do you get past the  learning curve in home improvement, which frankly, can get to be a little steep?


Apprenticeships.  Now you can learn on the job, from the experts, fast and efficiently, without making all the  stupid mistakes.


The idea is so simple, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it.  But it’s catching on across the country mainly because it works.    


Next time you’re [tag-tec]rehabbing[/tag-tec] in  one of your  rentals or your own home, ask your builder, maintenance man, plumber or carpenter if you can help.  If you can save  them time they will save you money.  But most importantly, you’ll be able to learn a new skill,  thoroughly,without extra brain hassle.


This is especially important if you simply want to know more of how things work. Even if you have absolutely no plans  of ever doing the work again, at least you will know the job from top to bottom and how your money is being spent.  That will cut down on scamming and cheating from less than honest maintenance people in the future.


However, here are two things to beware of: 


1. Make sure you have enough insurance to cover yourself if injury occurs.


2.  Know the warranties on your materials and see that they cover a non-professional installer. 


Here’s one more thing.  Hold the cell phone calls. Professional contractors and maintenance people are not going to stop just because you’re taking a call from little Johnny’s school nurse, or you’ve got to pick up the dog at the vet.   


We all know the best way to learn is by doing.  So why not do with the experts?



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