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While checking out the excellent blog, Burbed, I came across this. A San Mateo property that’s only 1092 Sq. Ft. with a $5,258 per month mortgage is priced at $949,000.  That would buy a mansion in Nashville.


Wouldn’t you expect to get more for your money?  A tiny ranchette is not my idea of luxury.  But it’s all about location, right?


Burbed also reports that now one in every 70 Californians is a licensed realtor.  Hmmm.


Housing Panic has just endorsed Lou Dobbs as their 2008 Presidential Candidate …


The Housing Bubble  reports a giant price slashing going on in Florida.  Are we really surprised? 


Remember those hot pre-construction deals?  Housing Bubble quotes The Palm Beach Post.  “New developers are offering free plasma televisions and hosting elaborate soirees –just to get prospective buyers and agents in the door.” 


I’m not sure what those “soirees” involve, but maybe the plasma T.V. sounds promising.  Only problem- they weren’t too specific on the size…  


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