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The Real Estate Blog from The New York Observer is reporting on an interesting February event. The American Institute of Architects is celebrating 150 years. So the institute is ranking its top fav 150 U.S. buildings.

The Real Estate Blog from The New York Observer  is reporting on an interesting February event.  The American Institute of [tag-ice]Architects[/tag-ice] is celebrating 150 years.  So the institute is ranking its top fav 150  U.S. buildings. 


Guess which one scored #1?  [tag-tec]The Empire State Building[/tag-tec].


It shows they’ve got good taste. 


The Real Deal  has an interesting piece on actors and actresses becoming real estate [tag-cat]agents[/tag-cat]. Featured actress Rhoda Ross is a star of Another World  and  the daughter of Diana Ross.  She’s been selling real estate for two years.


As The Real Deal is reporting this is not unusual for the thespian community.  Many actors and singers who do sell real estate think they owe their success to the fact that they’re thick-skinned enough to take any rejections.


Do some of them really miss the stage?


Not when they’re busy  collecting  ample commission checks. 


Question is -will   very many unemployed musicians  here in   Nashville take up  real estate between gigs?