Where Can You Find the Best, Most Up-To-Date Foreclosure Lists?

Here are some very good answers from practicing foreclosure investors who are the experts actually doing it.

The Sphinx

Here are some answers from practicing foreclosure investors.


1.  Go To a [tag-tec]Title Company[/tag-tec]


2. http://www.foreclosuredaily.com


Reviews tend to be pretty good for this site.  As with any service you buy, try it out first.  Some investors who use it recommend you only take out  the one month service  to see if it  meets your needs.


If not, google “residential [tag-ice]foreclosure[/tag-ice] listings”.   That will give you a long list.  Check them out thoroughly to make sure info is current before you buy memberships.


If they give you a free month actively  test drive it.


3. Default Research


4. Court House


Is the most current.  However, many investors work more than one county.  So going to the [tag-cat]court house[/tag-cat] yourself can get time consuming.


One solution  that works for some of the busiest  [tag-cat]investors[/tag-cat] is to narrow your list down first before you go.  The better organized you are, the more time you can save.


You can also hire a title searcher.


5. http://www.irsfl.com


Information Resource Services of Florida. 

Is good for Florida investing.