What Do Landlords and Landladies Think About Valentine’s Day?

How do landlords and landladies celebrate Valentine’s Day? We went undercover to find out…The answers may be surprising.

Valentine Hearts


This is a reminder that today is [tag-tec]Valentine’s Day[/tag-tec], just in case some people  may have forgotten.  


To celebrate, I thought I would visit Mr. Landlord’s forum and see how some of my fellow [tag-ice]landlords[/tag-ice] and landladies are celebrating this day of [tag-self]love[/tag-self]. 


Well,  the discussion didn’t start off real promising because a poster named “Caveman” proclaimed Valentine’s Day was __. 

He went on to say his “cavegirl” already had all the bells and whistles…


Except  one, my dear.  Maybe a  nicer, more considerate Caveman, perhaps?


And another poster proclaimed “happy wife, happy life”. 


But the  most touching comment came from a widowed sweetheart who shared the  sorrow of losing her husband last year. 


“Enjoy the things that really matter,” she advised Caveman.


But here’s my favorite.  “Love is grand.  Divorce is 100 grand.”  


So from an investor’s point  of view, wouldn’t a few flowers and a little candy be a good investment?




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