Top 10 U.S. Cities for Appreciation for Next 5 Years

Here are the Top 10 Cities slated for great appreciation during the next 5 years.
It’s quite an impressive list brought to us by Business 2.0

The Fortune Teller

The Top 10  Cities for [tag-self]Appreciation[/tag-self] for the Next 5 Years, thanks to The Real Estate Bloggers.  They got it from Business 2.0, one of my fav reads.


Panama City, FL – 72 percent

Vero Beach, FL – 64 percent

Bridgeport, CT – 63 percent

Lakeland, FL – 59 percent

McAllen, TX – 57 percent

San Luis Obispo, CA – 40 percent

Wilmington, NC – 37 percent

Manchester, NH – 35 percent

Fort Collins, CO – 28 percent

Atlanta, GA – 24 percent


Very impressive!

It  appears [tag-tec]housing[/tag-tec] will be doing well in those towns.  But even if your city didn’t make the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean 2007 will not be a good year for you.  In our opinion, this will be the year to buy [tag-ice]real estate[/tag-ice].   

Oh, by the way, if you’re not reading Business 2.0, get to a mag counter and buy it immediately.  It’s total cutting edge.   



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