Tuesday Info-Bytes

Tallest building in the U.S. Retailers planning faster check-outs. March weather will be warmer in most of the country


Plans for Tallest Building  Since the Sears Tower


YoChicago reports the [tag-self]construction[/tag-self] of the tallest concrete building in the U.S.  That’s the 92 story [tag-tec]Trump International Hotel & Tower[/tag-tec] in River North.  It will be completed sometime in 2009.


You  may still have time to get in on the March 7th dinner where a presentation will be given on the structural engineering for the project.  It will be an expensive presentation at $55 per plate.


Weather Prediction for March


March is supposed to be warmer than average for the Northeast and Northwest.  That’s good news since the heating expenses of a cold January and February.  There will be less demand for heating  which can help get the wholesale price down for crude oil.


However,  WSI Corp., a private forecaster, also predicts it will be cooler in certain parts of the South.


Big Box Retailer Planning Faster Check-Outs


This is certainly welcome news.  Walmart is planning a massive check-out speed-up.  And it’s about time.  It got so bad there for a while you could almost do your nails in the express line.


Hopefully this needed trend will catch on quickly with other retailers.  Are you listening [tag-ice]Home Depot[/tag-ice]?     



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