Rats Invade KFC in NYC

The Colonel will be turning over in his grave.


Rat Close-UpRats in a KFC?   For shame.


By now, we’ve all heard about the infamous KFC in NYC.  You know the  same rats that were described by one patron as “owning the sidewalk.”


CBS 2, a local T.V. station, shot the vid of rats having a running wild  party inside the restaurant early Friday morning.  The restaurant had been open only a few hours before.



Talk about creepy.  How’s this for a statement? “That chicken puts the weight on them (rats).  The bags, the garbage is always piled up there.  And you can actually hear critters in there.”


Here’s another comment.  “I quit because it was nasty.  At night, the manager told me to put the chairs up.  We don’t sweep, we don’t mop.  So that’s what the rats are eating off of, the stuff that’s left on the floors.”


The Health Department claims the problem has been addressed.  Yeah, right. 


According to reports, the same restaurant had been cited for “evidence of live mice” on at least three occasions since 2004.  Mercy.


Here’s my point.  This problem did not come about because  of mysterious circumstances.  It happened because they didn’t address it and stop it.  Now they’ve got a bigger problem.  Bigger rats and more of them.  They do procreate- don‘t you know. 


We’ve all had our mice problems with our [tag-ice]rentals[/tag-ice].  And those problems come about primarily because of poor housekeeping.  The minute you notice it, stay on it until it’s licked.  Those little munchkins can be wiped out.  After all, they’re not smarter than we are- or are they?


Dare I say this?  Most of the problem is with  the [tag-tec]tenants[/tag-tec]- not the rodents.  


There is no excuse for any tenant’s messiness  to attract anything crawling, flying or running.  If the [tag-self]tenant[/tag-self] is not willing to cooperate, you have no choice but to remove him also. 


Yum Brands, the stock for KFC and Taco Bell, closed lower yesterday from $61.60 to  $60.40.  Can we blame that downward trend on the rats or the management?   


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