Grab This One While You Can

Tiny reo’s price is lowered to $331,000. Grab the 594 square foot mini manse while you can.

Here’s an interesting item  from Dr. Housing Bubble; the blog from Southern California.


He’s reporting a very tiny [tag-tec]reo[/tag-tec] in Compton, CA that is now selling for $321,000. (That’s down from $330,000).


It’s all of 594 square feet  and Dr. Housing Bubble believes there is enough room  for entertaining.  That’s if you only invite the wee little people. 


This [tag-ice]house[/tag-ice] sold on 9/23/2004 for $197,000.  Again on 5/10/2006 for $338,000.


No wonder the [tag-self]bank[/tag-self] had to take it back.    

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