Sell Your Next Property on YouTube

Forget those boring virtual tours with their clumsy 360 degree room scans.

They’re out.

What’s in?

Your real estate featured on YouTube, or any real estate video sharing network.

Forget those boring  [tag-ice]virtual tours[/tag-ice] with their clumsy 360 degree room scans.


Movie with PopcornThey’re out.


What’s in?


Your real estate featured on YouTube, or any real estate video sharing network.  This works for any kind of [tag-tec]housing[/tag-tec], including condos.


Now you can gain lots of interest in your property fast with a video that can be viewed directly off The Internet.


Here’s how it works.


You make a short video of your property showing the highlights using your video camera. Think of it as your very own  commercial advertising that property where you can be as creative as you like.


Then you upload it to [tag-self]YouTube[/tag-self] or your own web site. (For directions on how to do it, go to Youtube, or get a teenager to show you how).


Why bother?


Because your future buyers and tenants are coming to The Internet now to do their own research.


3 Tips for Creating Real Estate Videos That Sell Your Property Fast


1. Film on a bright sunny day when the weather is nice.

You don’t want to show your property in the rain, so don’t do it on video.


2. Display your property from different, more interesting angles. 

Zoom the camera in and out for varied shots.  This keeps people looking because it cuts down on boredom and gives them something to look at.


3. Stay away from mirrors


Mirrors  ruin the shots. Besides your back will be showing in the  reflections.


4. Censor  out the things you don’t want them to see.


Do you have a tenant with an old clunker parked out in the front?  Ask him to move it.

Same goes for really ugly outdoor furniture and grills. 


Bring in some potted flowers and plants for color and coziness. 



This is the future.  Be one of the first pioneers to get with this trend, and you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.   



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