A Quick Glance at the Ultimate Playboy Guy Pad

Do I have a thing or two to say about this.

The Playboy people have been very busy designing the ultimate guy pad.


Steak and Lobster

Do I have a thing or two  to say about this.


The [tag-tec]Playboy[/tag-tec] people  have been very busy designing the ultimate guy pad. 


It apparently comes complete with that infamous rabbit on the front door which is located somewhere in the back of the two-car garage. 


Yes, our hip [tag-self]urban[/tag-self] man doesn’t need a real front door; probably for good reasons.  A hidden one behind his matching corvettes will do just fine.


No tricycles, Power Wheels or a John Deere allowed here. 


So I guess that means no tantalizing  Chicken Divan casserole simmering  in the oven  being lovingly cooked by the ultimate helpmeet Girl Friday, huh?


Upstairs our hip man has three luxurious levels of leisurely living without the confines of nagging wife  and a “budget liberal enough to meet our needs” .  That includes a pool, hidden TV, eight foot fireplace and that awful [tag-ice]Playboy Bed[/tag-ice] first featured in  November, 1959.


Most guys can only dream, but when they do get hungry for a tasty home cooked meal they’ll probably be  finding it in totally different  digs.


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