Are We Headed for a Recession?

Will housing be the culprit if we go into a recession?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes we have one change in three of hitting the doldrums

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Will [tag-tec]housing[/tag-tec] be the culprit?


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben [tag-self]Bernanke[/tag-self] believes we have one chance in three of hitting the doldrums. 


As always you have the pessimists lining up on one side and the optimists on the other.


Who is right?  Only time will tell.


However, whatever happens we still think there will be many excellent buying opportunities out there for the savvy investor. 


So what is our biggest fear?


Probably [tag-ice]inflation[/tag-ice], at this point.


But even if that happens real estate is  still one of the best places to store your money.



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