I’m Still Having Trouble Doing the Simplest Electronic Things

Why are the simpliest electronic things so hard to do?


A friend ordered [tag-tec]The Queen[/tag-tec]  for me because I love royalty and that movie did get an Academy Award. Besides it was actually filmed at [tag-ice]Balmoral[/tag-ice] where we visited while  on a vacation to Scotland a few years ago.


Anyway, I’ve been waiting for it to arrive for weeks.  There was quite a bit of excitement when if finally came via brown truck yesterday.


That thrill quickly died when I couldn’t figure out how to connect the DVD player to my bedroom TV. (Because my cheap TV in the den is broken).

Where are those yellow and white connector rods on that Magnavox?


Couldn’t find them.


Okay, it’s back to the directions that came with the DVD player.


Then it dawned on me, they were in the 2005 [tag-self]tax[/tag-self] box.  Why, I couldn’t tell you. 


That meant a trip down to the basement, and I don’t like going down there even on a bright sunny day.  So that was out.


I had to swipe the kitchen TV and take it up to my bedroom where I could connect the DVD player because it actually has the correct white and yellow knobs.


I know I’ve said this before but why does TV viewing have to be so hard?


Can we remember when it was simple?  You turned the on switch and the picture and sound  came on without you having to figure out which  was the right channel  so the cable will work.


If you wanted to adjust the color you could. 


Don’t get me started about the remote control.


And just when I figured out how to do the VCR. even though I never did learn how to program it. 


Okay, I had to unwind about this.  Sorry. 


At least I can see the movie now even if I will  need glasses for the small screen.



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