Will Your Tenants Allow Big Brother Snooping?

I came across a rather disturbing news article this morning.

It’s about big corporate snooping and frankly, I think they’re going way too far…

It’s about big companies such as Proctor and Gamble and how they are now studying consumers.

Do we as landlords have the rights to study our tenants like that?

Blue FlyI came across a rather disturbing news article this morning.


It’s about big companies such as [tag-tec]Proctor and Gamble[/tag-tec] and how they are now studying consumers. 

Actually it’s more like Big Brother snooping hitting the corporate big time.


Seems  the specially  chosen are armed with miniature cameras attached to themselves where they are filmed all day (and night) performing simple personal tasks such as showering and changing diapers.


The companies  and their advertisers want to know how consumers actually use their products instead of how they perceive they use their products.



But my question is what is there really to know about changing a diaper? 


Sooner or later you’re going to figure it out, mainly because you don’t have a choice.


I don’t know about you, but I think it’s just plain weird for men to allow  the makers of Old Spice  into their showers.   Mercy.


And I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want Arm and Hammer inside my frig either. It’s frankly none of their business where I put the turnups. 


But big company snoopers claim they need to get the insects out before bringing their new products to market. 


Yeah, right.  Key in Door


If anyone wants my opinion, they can just ask.


For instance, the Kenmore people could just ask me why I keep tripping over the Progressive Vaccum Cleaner’s cord.  It’s in my way.  Irritating.


And  the Chevrolet folks could find out why the HHR’s  cupholders are too small for me.  (Those free coffee mugs from the bank won’t fit, that’s why).


See, I don’t buy coffee mugs if I can help it.   I usually get them for free because I’m frugal which is the main reason why I’m driving a Chevy in the first place. 


Does it take a rocket scientist to figure  all that out?


So here’s my point.


What happened to [tag-ice]privacy[/tag-ice]? 


What is it about our younger generation that  nowadays many of them  seem to accept the lack of privacy as normal?


That’s just it.  Many of them still don’t.


But make no mistake about it, your [tag-self]tenants[/tag-self] still want as much privacy as they can get.


Don’t believe for a second that just because some people agree to be lab animals and are getting paid for it, that everyone else is willing to go along.


Your tenants deserve to live in their units peacefully.  That’s one of their universal rights.  If you interrupt that you’ll be in big trouble.


That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your eye on things.  It’s your business, you need to know what is going on.  But  be wise about it. 


As long as you are considerate and reasonable with your tenants they will reciprocate.  (Okay, there are exceptions, but most tenants really are thankful for  well-mannered landlording).


We have found that more and more, our tenants are bringing us their friends and our advertising costs are being slashed.  Is there a pay-off?  You bet, and it’s a big one.


As you build your reputation, you are appreciated  for an old fashioned concept called decency.   People are starving for that. 


We live in strange times.  That’s for sure. When companies are willing to go to such lengths to get you to spend more money, something’s wrong.


But don’t allow that weirdness to get  to you.




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