Warning:An Outdoorsy Environmentalist Plans His Dream Green Community

But here’s the change that really gets to me. One central air conditioner for the entire town.

Yep, you heard that right.

We have tried that experiment in two of our properties and believe me, it’s a prickly situation. You know, angry reactions and such.

Red Fox in Twillight

It’s called Sky.


It’s the new environmentalist town of the future and plans are to develop it in the Florida Panhandle about one hour from Tallahassee. 


Residents will grow “some” of the own food;  kind of like the 21st century equivalent to the old WWII victory gardens.   The enemy to be defeated this time is waste and what environmentalist developer Bruce White calls leaving a carbon footprint.  


Okay.  So there won’t be a Wendy’s down the road.


And Sky will be completely wireless.  Interesting.


That’s so residents can work from their own homes and save on the commute to the office. White proclaims that if you have to drive to work you’re defeating the purpose of Sky.  


So, what if you’re a brain surgeon and you really have to be there?  Can you do surgery by remote control?  I guess that’s where the new robotic technology kicks in. 


Pay close attention to this sentence by the self-described “outdoorsy environmentalist", “things have got to change.”


Uh, oh.


But we’ll all be  asking exactly where do we fit into all of this?


Am I supposed to move to a remote location like the beautiful but rugged Panhandle so I won’t be leaving a carbon footprint?  Far away from the conveniences I’ve grown accustomed to such as  St. Thomas Hospital?


(I live with my two 80 year old parents.  What happens if we have an emergency such as  heart attack?  Will Sky have its own hospital- or one that can provide services on the same level as St. Thomas?  Sorry, but I have to ask this).


But I reckon they’ve got all those things figured out.  Or maybe they won’t  have seniors living in Sky…


But here’s the change that really gets to me.  One central [tag-tec]air conditioner[/tag-tec] for the entire town.


Yep, you heard that right.


We  have tried that experiment in two of our properties and believe me, it’s a prickly situation.  You know, angry reactions  and such.


We’ve had the cold tenants wanting it warmer and the hot tenants wanting it cooler.  Which ones do you cater to?


I know, I’m nitpicking here.  I need to give Sky a chance, right?  Town planning can get so complicated.


But that community-wide trend for “energy efficiencies”  scares me.  It’s one freedom my [tag-ice]tenants[/tag-ice] won’t  be giving up so easily.  Believe me,  we’ve got the phone calls to prove it.  My [tag-self]tenants[/tag-self] would bristle at  Sky’s new  green grid.


And, by the way, exactly who determines where the thermostat will sit?  Do  you have a town meeting on that?   Talk about heat. 


But in all fairness, I like the concept of less asphalt and more green as in grass, lawns, trees, etc.  White may be on to something there.  We need green things.  It’s soothing.


Will Sky catch on?  Many kinks will have to be worked out first.  The devil is, and always has been, in the details.




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