Immigration Issue Sizzling for Landlords and Real Estate Investors

Immigration is sizzling.

It’s polarizing America.

Look at what’s happening in Congress. The Immigration Bill has been delayed until June because of differences among our lawmakers.


We The PeopleImmigration is  sizzling.


It’s polarizing America. 


Look at what’s happening in Congress.  The Immigration Bill has been delayed until June because of differences among our lawmakers. 


Perhaps the real  reason is the bill was too much too fast.  Voters do not want such a measure passed without taking a closer look.  And they’re getting that message across to their Congressmen.

Senate Puts Off Action on Immigration


How would that  bill  have affected us as real estate investors and landlords?

Let’s look at  Farmer’s Branch, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  They passed an ordinance that landlords could not rent to illegals, which may, or may not have  gone too far. However, the town has been over run with [tag-self]illegals[/tag-self].   Something needed to be done.


Enter a federal judge.  He  declared the ban on renting to [tag-tec]illegals[/tag-tec] unconstitutional.  


The average person can’t determine if a renter is legal or not, according to the judge.  Only the federal government can do that?

Immigration Rental Rule in Texas Blocked


What? Other laws across the country state if an employer is caught hiring illegals, he’s in violation.  He has to determine if the employee is legal or not when he hires him, right?


 Help me here.  I really don’t get it. 


So what are the landlords supposed to do?  We definitely live in confusing times. 


I’m glad to see new faces coming into our midst, and we do need the labor and contributions that new [tag-ice]immigrants[/tag-ice] are  willing to give, but we  are being suffocated now.  Too many are coming too fast.   That’s my argument.  We can only take so many.


Our government needs to get its act together once and for all and make a decision, hopefully one that is based on The Constitution.   And this needs to be done quickly.  We’re at war.  A terrorist could easily sneak across our borders.  That’s a matter of national security.   


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