John Rich’s New Dream Home Stirs Up Zoning War in Nashville

The controversy concerning country music star [tag-tec]John Rich[/tag-tec]’s new very tall home continues.

But there’s more to this seemingly innocent controversy than meets the eye.

Big Dog, Little Dog

The controversy concerning  country music star [tag-tec]John Rich[/tag-tec]’s new very tall home continues. 


Seems Metro is responding with an ordinance limiting house height primarily because of this case. 


But there’s more to this seemingly innocent controversy than meets the eye.


John Rich, half of the country duo Big and Rich, has made it  very big here in Music City; no small feat.    There are literally thousands of would-be’s crowding our streets doing everything from parking cars to  waiting on   tables in anticipation of the huge country break.  Often it never comes.


He wants to build his dream house.  Okay.  He’s earned it. 


We covered that with an earlier post.  (See  Property Rights vs. Pickled-Puckered Neighbors  January 9, 2007).


But the real problem here is what is termed “out of character for a neighborhood”.  That’s when developers swoop in, do massive tear-downs and scrap-offs and literally turn quiet staid neighborhoods into piece meal McMansionvilles literally overnight.


Well, people are fed up.


I hate to say this, but my beautiful hometown of Nashville has become a eyesore. Nothing matches.  It’s not symmetrical anymore.  I thought I’d never ask for her help, but we do need some “Marthizing”, by  irritating décor diva Martha Stewart.  We’re desperate.


Which leads me to my next point.


How much is too much?


Apparently Nashvillians are deciding on that issue now.  [tag-ice]Zoning [/tag-ice]is about to get stricter.


I really don’t want that either.  I don’t like the idea of Metro telling me where and what I can develop… and how.  That’s scary and dangerous too.    


But some [tag-self]developers[/tag-self] have gone too far.  Many  don’t have what we used to politely refer to as good taste.  And there is always a point of no return. Enough bad junk is enough.


But as I’ve pointed out before the market generally takes care of these problems.  Those giant McMansions are not selling so well anymore.  I’ve watched several of the expensive ones (half-million range) closely and they have lingered on the market for months now.  That only means one thing and as real estate investors we know what that is.


Loss of profit.





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