Hawaiian Waterfront Property for only $39.95?

This just in from Hawaii.

You can buy future waterfront [tag-ice]property[/tag-ice] for only $39.95.

FlipperThis just in from Hawaii.


How about this  for getting in on a lucrative [tag-tec]real estate deal[/tag-tec] early?


You can buy future waterfront [tag-ice]property[/tag-ice] for only $39.95.


Yep, you read that right.


It’s part of the Lo’ihi Volcano and it’s currently  3,000 feet below sea level but in 10,000 years it is expected to emerge as new pristine [tag-self]real estate[/tag-self].


Does it kind of  remind us of those old Florida  swampland deals from the 1920’s, maybe, just a little bit?


How do they get by with it?


It’s a parody.  Okay… 


So that means as long as they come right out and say that they can still collect the $39.95, right?    


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