Leccima’s Episodes of Flip This House Pulled Because of Fraud Claim

Sam Leccima is in trouble. Again.

Apparently and allegedly his episodes of Flip This House are not quite kosher. In fact, his episodes have been withdrawn as accusations of fraud emerge.

Liar, Liar...Sam Leccima is in trouble.  Again.


Apparently and allegedly his episodes of [tag-ice]Flip This House[/tag-ice] are not quite kosher.  In fact, his episodes have been withdrawn as accusations of fraud emerge.


We kind of warned about this earlier on March 7th to be exact, with our rather funny “flippant” review of Flip This House.



We said, if I’m recalling correctly, that these shows don’t always show it all.  In other words they leave  important bits and pieces of the rehabs out of camera range.


(I’m not bragging, but I was right on).


WAGA-TV in Atlanta, which first aired the claims against [tag-tec]Sam Leccima[/tag-tec], has shown footage from inside one of the homes, which had mismatched wooden floors and unpainted patched walls that were out of the view of TV cameras on “Flip This House”.


That quote is from Doug Gross of The Associated Press.


So what  first convinced me a lot of this stuff is not  quite real?


It was too staged.  Too scripted.  Real life is not like that.


I did a rehab six years ago and loved every minute of it.  I’m a buy and hold investor and currently I have several successful tenants living  there.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.


But folks, let’s get real, please. 


Painting, calking, picking out carpet and linoleum, dealing with workers who may or may not do what they promised, having to stop to go to the hardware store every few hours, tearing out walls, replacing plumbing, etc., that’s just not too exciting for today’s upbeat audiences. 


But it’s lucrative. 


So my point is there are thousands of quiet investors and rehabbers out there who are making tons of money the smart way.  If there’s too much glitz and tinsel in one of these shows like [tag-self]Flip This House[/tag-self], well, that’s Hollywood. 


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