3 Issues Affecting Your Real Estate

We covered this new mortgage fraud problem a few weeks ago, but the problem is growing.

The latest news…


Scales of JusticeWeb Help for Getting a Mortgage the Criminal Way


We covered this new [tag-tec]mortgage fraud [/tag-tec]problem a few  weeks ago, but the problem is growing. 


“There is a whole underground world – an online cottage industry- that has grown up that allows anyone to commit mortgage fraud,” said Constance Wilson, executive vice president at the financial fraud detection firm Interthinx.”


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Toy Train

Thomas the Train Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint


What does this have to do with us?




[tag-ice]Landlords[/tag-ice] and real estate investors have been under fire for years because of the  [tag-self]lead poisoning[/tag-self] of children which presumably happens  in  their properties.


This article proves children can ingest lead from a variety of sources…


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Green World

Both Parties Plan Green Conventions


Green is the new election color.


Even if you don’t believe we’re responsible for global warming, you will still be influenced by many people who do.


That means our properties will be affected as some point which also means it will cost us more money. 


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