Pay-as-You-Throw Starts Heated Trash Debate

Pay- as- you- throw.

It’s a new progressive concept for the old problem of taking out the trash.

Can it work?

TrashPay- as- you- throw.


It’s a new progressive concept for the old problem of taking out the trash.


Just like a lot  of other things, there will be different prices for basically the same thing. 


But trash is trash, right?

I know, it’s confusing me too.  But cities are beginning to look at this new, innovative but  more complicated  way of dealing with the rubbish.


“Throw  and Get Charged Twice” would be a more appropriate  title for it. 


Why the rant?


As usual, they’re playing with our property taxes. That means it will cost us more money.


Exactly what is it?


Well, you will be charged according to the size of your trash can.  And wow, there’s even talk about trash coupon books.  Yep, you can zap out a pre-paid sticker.  Every time you take out a sack of trash you put a little sticker on it.


Yeah, right.  As if we don’t already have enough to do.


An article by Gail Kerr appeared in The Tennessean the other day explaining why this is such a great idea.


It will force people to recycle, according to her. 



How about this for recycling?



My friends were remodeling their home recently and had a giant dumpster parked right beside their garage.  Everything from a mattress to a computer monitor had been thrown right on in- by persons unknown.



Until one night.  My friends, who were still living in the house while  all the renovations were going on, noticed a  strange car driving way down their driveway, (they have a deep lot).  They caught the people in the act of illegally throwing trash in their dumpster.


This is a very common problem for rehabbers and real estate investors, not to mention landlords.  And it’s only going to  get worse.



Here’s another problem, Gail, and Metro Works Director Billy Lynch, we’re already paying for trash pick-up.  It’s already included in our property taxes.



But here’s the quote I love the most.



“Your taxes are not really broken out into how much goes for trash, how much it goes for public safety and so forth,” Lynch said.  “That would be one of the biggest hurdles.”



He’s got that right.  



How about this suggestion?



An audit of where all our property tax money goes, dime by dime.



Talk about waste…


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