2 Ways to Deal with Explosive Tenant Situations

How do you handle a mentally unstable tenant or a disgruntled tenant who invades your privacy?

Richard Thompson gives sound advice


Expert HOA manager Richard Thompson has some excellent tips on how to deal successfully with some potentially unsettling tenant situations.


How do you handle a mentally unstable tenant?


Thompson says to  contact relatives first and see if they can take care of the person.  Surprisingly, often times such  a simple move  with solve the problem if you go about it tactfully.  If not, go to court.



How to keep disgruntled tenants away from your private residence is also covered.


Landlords and property managers should never have to converse with anyone coming to their home against their wishes. 


Thompson’s guidelines are specifically geared toward homeowners associations for condos, but his clear common sense advice can certainly be applied to the management of any property type.


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