Why the Most Expensive House in America is Not Selling

The most expensive [tag-tec]house[/tag-tec] in America is up for sale.

Price? $135 million.

So why isn’t it selling?

Home for Sale

The most expensive [tag-tec]house[/tag-tec] in America is up for sale.


Price?  $135 million.


It’s got everything.  15 Bedrooms, 16 Baths on 95 acres near the storybook town of [tag-ice]Aspen[/tag-ice]. 


So why isn’t it selling?

1. It’s too big


Folks, 56,000 square feet is too much [tag-self]floor space[/tag-self].  People need to cocoon. How are you going to do that if you can’t find a comfortable corner or two for coziness?


2. No Kitchen


Yep, you read that almost right.  Actually it has one, but it’s in the basement.  And it’s not for family use, but for industrial use.  I’m sorry, but I need my Whirlpool, especially in the middle of the night when I want my refrigerated most fav snacks.  I don’t want to have to walk all the way down to the basement to get them.


3. It reminds me too much of a Quality Comfort Inn


Why?  It’s designed like that California contemporary style that was popular a few years ago. Maybe a lot of commercial motel chains copied the style from this house, who knows? 


There’s just too much wood and stone.  It could  make some people dizzy.


Will it sell?


Eventually, I guess.  And they probably won’t  come down too much on the price.  Hmmm?


Chances are whomever buys it will be a house collector of some sort and won’t be spending too much time there.  And I can’t say I won’t blame them.  


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