Which Improvements Will Move a Hard To Sell House?

Should you go ahead and spent $50,000 on that new kitchen?
Not so fast, according to the latest advice for selling your house.

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Forbes has a timely  article  addressing  a common sense approach to  the selling of a  languishing [tag-ice]house[/tag-ice] which has been on the market too long.


Yes, improvements are sometimes necessary, but not always.  That’s surprising.  Or is it?


What is the rule of thumb?

According to Alan Hummel, chief appraiser of Minneapolis-based Forsythe Appraisals, you should go by the established standards of your neighborhood.


In other words, if everyone else is doing it, chances are you should  to.  If not, don’t.


Example: Let’s say your next door neighbor has just remolded his master bedroom.  Now it’s bigger, more spacious with  a modern  updated bathroom.


Should you do the same?


Yes, probably. 




That’s what future homebuyers  will probably expect in your neighborhood.  The Joneses, bless them,  have raised the bar.


And this particular improvement is  not a fad.  The way the trends are going, that is a solid investment in your property that will most likely pay off in added dividends.


Which improvements should you avoid?


The Forbes article states fancy roofs and   fussy technological gadgetry such as the now outdated Cat-5 connectivity.  [tag-self]Homebuyers[/tag-self] don’t care now and they won’t care later.


Which brings us to [tag-tec]curb appeal[/tag-tec]?  Is it really that important?


Yes, yes and yes.


It’s more important than ever. 


And curb appeal is something you can probably do yourself.  If not, hire it out, but outside looks are very, very  vital since a lot of sales now begin with the viewing of your property’s image on The Internet. 


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