Are Global Warming Celebrities Really Practicing What They Preach?

Could a backlash be coming to all those celebrities who have been preaching those holier- than- thou sermons on global warming?

What about John Tavolta with his own personal airport in his back yard?

Or Al Gore, who consumed 210,000 more kWh of electricity in 2006?

Last Sunday I drove by [tag-tec]Al Gore[/tag-tec]’s manse while strolling throughout the  Belle Meade section of Nashville. I was in the economical, yet fun H.H.R.(I’m still not exactly sure what those initials really stand for).


Al currently lives in the swankiest, most upscale old money neighborhood in town.  It’s very near that street I was writing about a while back with the giant flower pot in the middle of the road conveniently labeled  “no thru traffic”.


Why should I have not  been surprised to see all the construction going on at the Gore’s?


But it’s not your average room addition.  They’ve already done that.


In fact it looks like they have added an entire wing onto that house at some point  in  the past.


This time they’re installing solar panels on the roof.


Apparently, Al is going green, or trying to- at least on the top of his house.  And it’s quite an enterprise considering how much roof acreage they have to cover.


And just in time, mind you.

See, Al needs to set an example for the rest of us who are making too many “[tag-ice]carbon footprints[/tag-ice]”.


And he’s just in time  for the winning for the Nobel Prize… and perhaps, next year’s election, in which he  states he isn’t running, of course.


Maybe I’m missing something, but I still don’t get it.


I’m not sure why driving a little American made, American engineered Chevrolet  which probably helped preserve a lot of my fellow Americans’  jobs could be so bad.


I don’t see how it’s causing [tag-self]global warming[/tag-self], especially since I don’t drive it very much. 


It has less than 7,000 miles on it and I only put 3,000 of those on it since purchasing it as a demonstrator in December.  The dealer had already put on 4,000 of the miles.



Could a backlash be  coming to all those celebrities who have been preaching those holier- than- thou sermons on global warming?



I’m not alone in my questions.  Doug Horing’s excellent article, Celebrity Carbon, hits some of this   21st century let’s- feel- guilty  shameless hypocrisy pretty hard.


Among those outspoken celebrities hit by one of  Horing’s pies are none other than John Travolta, who lives in his own little personal airport, with some very large planes parked out back.  


Madonna and U2’s Bono are also named and hit with  bulls’ eye precision.


In fact, Al isn’t let off the hook very easily either.


Horing  reveals that Al’s 20 room manse consumed 221,000 kWh of electricity in 2006.  That’s 210,344 more kWh than the average home.





Will those new solar panels really help?  


There will be  lots of people waiting for Al’s  next electric bill to find out.


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