Naked Mannequins Propel Neighbors into Zoning War

Talk about a zoning war.

Of course naked mannequins displayed in a Sarasota store window will upset the neighborhood. Who will win?


This bizarre and shocking situation is occurring in Sarasota.


A business owner, who is angered because he couldn’t get the proper [tag-ice]permits[/tag-ice] to open a “Clip Joint” as he calls it, is taking his revenge out on the neighborhood. 


What he really wanted to do was start one of those new businesses where the staff, made of women, is scantily clad.  In this case, it was to be a hair salon. 


So far there is no ordnance or [tag-self]zoning[/tag-self] law on the books which states he can not display [tag-tec]naked mannequins[/tag-tec] in his store windows, even if an elementary school is located very close by.

The neighbors are  upset  because  he is getting away with it- for now.



(We may be seeing more of these business models for the time being until they’re finally  stopped.


Right now, in Middle Tennessee there is a lawn mowing business where bikini clad women  will cut your grass. I’m not sure if they do as good a job as their male counterparts, but they’re certainly getting more attention).


This goes back to one of the biggest  challenges for real estate investors.  What can you do and what can you not do with your own properties?


Get the neighbors riled and you risk all kinds of trouble.  Is it worth it?


I’d say, no.


I think it’s an exercise in stupidity.


The neighbors will eventually win.  It will just take longer than they would wish.



How do we know this?  That’s the way the system works. 


So what will be the outcome?


A new  ordnance will be passed that you cannot display naked mannequins in your store windows. 


Meanwhile, the business owner is being fined $50 on another technicality. 


When he gets the book thrown at him it will be a direct hit.


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