How to Spot Bad Tenants Before They Sign Your Lease

You can learn a lot about your future tenants at the grocery store.

I came to this conclusion one cold winter day after observing two women deliberately block an older man from getting into his late model Land Rover. They made him wait while they changed a diaper. Then they threw the soiled diaper down on the pavement.

Will these people be considerate of your properties?

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You can learn a lot about your  future tenants at the grocery store.


I came to this conclusion one cold winter day  after observing  two women block an older man from getting into his  late model Land Rover. 


They made the distinguished looking 70 plus year old wait more than  five minutes while they changed a diaper out of their side door.


Finally, they stepped aside ever so slightly so he that  could painstakingly  maneuver his car door. 


After they “had given him permission” to get inside his vehicle, they then  threw the soiled diaper on the pavement and drove off.


How would you like to have them as tenants?

I’ve also noticed lots of people do not put their grocery carts up and allow them to hit cars  in the parking lot. ( The store is on a very high hill).  Could they just take an extra minute to properly secure the carts?  Are you kidding?


Once, I had to wait in line as a food stamp recipient in  front  of me disappeared to get the correct cheese.  She had brought the incorrect cheese to the cashier who told her the government would not pay for that  particular kind. 


After about  fifteen minutes, a young boy reappeared finally with the right cheese.  No excuse, no apology,  no embarrassment.  He was entitled, I reckon.


And no, I don’t have anything better to do with my time than to wait on those receiving free food that I have to pay for.   


Do you think that lady and her family would pay your rent on time?


But my favorite incident was the mother, grandmother, brood of kids and grandkids wrecking havoc throughout the store. 


I cringed as I watched an unruly four-year old march up to the fruit counter, grab a plum, stick it in his mouth, and then spit it out where it landed  right  back  onto the display.


I’ve been very careful how I’ve bought fruit or any kind of produce since.


Think they would take reasonable care of a property?  Think again.   


And let me point out  a universal truth.  This kind of behavior is practiced by people of all races, incomes and social standings.  I know, because my family was in retail for 44 years.   I could share stories that will make your hair curl.


So what’s my point?


You can tell a lot about prospective [tag-ice]tenants[/tag-ice] by the way they treat their own property, children, neighbors and others.


Next time, you suspect you’ve got some property destroying [tag-self]deadbeats[/tag-self] applying, drive by the house or apartment they live in now. 


You won’t  have to go inside, or even get out of your car.


Just look at the yard, i.e. patio, balcony.  The way they maintain it will tell you volumes.


This  one simple tip  as part of your [tag-tec]due diligence[/tag-tec] could save you thousands in repairs over the next few  years.  



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