Threats from China Could Send Housing Over the Edge

The Chinese are threatening the U.S. stating that they have the power to collapse the dollar. This would start a currency crash.

And yes, they could do it.

If that happens the housing market will go over the edge.

Burning House

There’s ominous news from China which could greatly affect  your real estate.


The Chinese are threatening the U.S. stating that they have the power to collapse the dollar.  This  would start a currency crash.


They will use this power if the U.S. pursues trade tariffs against Chinese goods.


Since the Chinese have bought dollars heavily, with most of their holdings in U.S. Treasury bonds, this could easily become a reality.

They’ve been investing in American debt for years.


What’s new is the timing of  the message as well as the threat.


It came when our stock market is experiencing some volatility and [tag-tec]housing[/tag-tec] is certainly precipitous.  


Another point worth noting is that the Chinese did not make this announcement diplomatically through the usual channels.


Two Chinese communist officials made the threat. (Sometimes we tend to forget they’re still communistic even if they are embracing capitalism).


What brought it all about?


Could it possibly be a bill being drafted by the Senate Finance Committee advocating trade tariffs?


And also, I might add, there’s increasing anger from American consumers aimed at some  less- than- stellar Chinese goods.


Were the Chinese  paying attention to the  lead –tainted toys?  Or was that just a minor detail?


How  smart is it   to mess  with American parents?  Talk about treading dangerous waters…


So exactly how does all of this affect our real estate?


If the Chinese make good on their threat, this could put [tag-ice]housing[/tag-ice] over the edge. 


If  that happens, we will most likely go into a recession- just in time for the next election.


And isn’t it interesting some of the most hawkish  Chinese tariff rhetoric is  coming from Senator Hillary.


“If you want to fight right-winged Republicans, I’m your girl”.  Hmmmm?


In spite of it all, it is the real estate investor with cash who will get through it and  still make the  profits.


And if you don’t have cash?


Network and get with the [tag-self]investors[/tag-self] who do.  Bird dog for a while if you must, but get out there. 


If the market should go down, there will be plenty of buying opportunities for everyone.   





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