Warning: Some Home Renovations Can Actually Ruin Your Sale

Fish in BowlWhich renovations sell?


Surprisingly, the [tag-tec]  residential property[/tag-tec] upgrades you may think could  help sell a property may  hinder it.


Case in point: pools, Jacuzzis.


Amy Hoak of the Wall Street Journal  gives some very good tips to consider before making those expensive [tag-self]renovations[/tag-self]. 


One  of the biggest remolding  dangers, according to her,  is to customize.  Unless you are planning on spending many years in the house, don’t go overboard.  The next buyers may not want the giant kitchen/great room combination.


Naturally, everything will probably cost more than you think.  Always make allowances for extra expense with any project, not matter how small.


And lastly, get expert help.  Contrary to popular thinking, you can’t suddenly do a renovation like the masters.  If you need bricklaying done, hire a bricklayer who knows what he’s doing.  Don’t  try to teach yourself.  It’s not worth it.


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