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Our featured property for this week is Brooke Mueller’s 4 bedroom Hollywood Hills house which went for $2.317 mil.

Gray ElephantOur featured property for this  week is [tag-tec]Brooke Mueller[/tag-tec]’s 4 bedroom Hollywood Hills house which went for $2.317 mil.


(For those of us who  aren’t too familiar with her and  still care, she is [tag-ice]Charlie Sheen[/tag-ice]’s newest fiancee’). 

She also goes by the names Brooke Allen and Brooke Wolofsky, just in case we’re possibly still interested.  


I don’t know about you, but from its pictures it looks a little smallish to me.

Since I don’t like heights, the balconies are out as far as I’m concerned. And that breakfast nook seems more dollhouse sized.


Maybe  it’s perfect for the incredible shrinking woman, but it wouldn’t work for people like the guy who sat in front of me on a Southwest flight last week and had to buy two seats… 


I’m  just thinking what that same amount of money could have bought here in Music City.  I guess  maybe that explains why we’re getting quite a few California transplants moving in.


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